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Two Young Women Went On a Canoe Trip. What They Caught on Video Will Stun You.

I sometimes need to be reminded I’m living in the middle of a miracle. This video does that. — As a man (vs. a boy), I often get caught up in the day to day process of getting it all done. I forget joy. I forget nature. I forget that its all so amazing. When we’re kids, the wonder of the world is right there. As a man, I’m supposed to be excited by a fumble in football, or a spike in the stock market. And don’t get wrong, that stuff is fine. But this? This reminds me I’m living in the middle of a miracle. The first few seconds of the film are still-frames, but just wait until the video starts—you will be astounded. Two young filmmakers in Ireland, Sophie and Liberty, document a natural phenomenon that will remind you of the deeply miraculous nature of the world around us. Some folks will see the hand of God in this, others, the wonder of Darwin’s natural world. Whatever your point of view, you must agree our world is an amazing place. Go here to learn more about the filmmakers Sophie and Liberty and their work. By the way, the term for this startling phenomenon is murmuration. The videographer here did an amazing job of tracking the motions and the scale of this event. Murmuration is an example of what is termed free-scale correlation. The behavior can be in response to a hawk or other predator. But the results are spectacular. And for me, the results are: we’re all part of a miracle. Editor’s note: The video is presented here exactly as Sophie and Liberty edited it including their choice for music. (I love the music.) Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.
Fonte:Mark Green

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