sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011


I had been away more than a year on the big boat and among the many things I had learnt was, a bigger boat doesn’t make you happier, but it cost more not only to build but also in upkeep. It is also more difficult to manoeuvre and find a place for in harbour. It shore has many advantages like speed and carrying capacity and prestige but they did not mean much for me, so weighing it al together as one has to do I understood that my values and my heart favoured the small one.
I lived in the attic of my mother’s house. Mother was glad to see me back. I told her I wanted to build a small ocean going boat and asked if I could do it in the back yard. It is always interesting to see you doing constructive work she said. The neighbours who had been a bit surprised that the good for nothing son next door had crossed the Atlantic in a converted steamboat was of the same opinion. It had been in the newspapers.
To get shelter from the weather I put up some tarpaulins between the apple trees. It did not take long before the city planner was there asking me if I had permission.
“I shall only build a small boat, then I take down the tarpaulins and go sailing” I answered.
“Have you been thinking about what would happen if everyone did like you?” He asked.
“What would happen if everyone was a town planner” I said.
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